Whitby Marigold Golf Club

Affiliated with Sunnybrae Golf Club, Port Perry


Tee-Off Time Policy

In order to keep our good standing with Sunnybrae, members are requested to inform any attending Committee Member of your intention to play the following weekend.  This ensures that a more accurate number of tee-off times can be given to Sunnybrae by Friday morning. You can contact Committee Members by phone or email (see Executive Screen).



Visitors must be accounted for by club members when requesting tee-off times.


Scoring For Match Play

4 Points for Win

2 Point for Even Draw



Scoring For Club Championship

Best 2 of 3 Scores


Special Notice

Numbers will be drawn for order-of-play for those in attendance in the Clubhouse at 7:45, not in the parking lot.


Marigold Local Rules






Options for an Unplayable Lie or lost Ball (not in a Hazard) 

1. Ball may be dropped within 2 club lengths

         of its original position, not closer to the hole. - penalty 1 stroke

 2.  Ball may be dropped more than 2 club lengths

not closer to the hole.                             

- Penalty 2 strokes

3. If you cannot find the ball, you can replay the


- Penalty 1 stroke plus distance (play a provisional  to save time).                                          




4. On hole 6 of the Meadow the back bunker is considered in play.                                 


5. On hole number 4 of the Creek, the drop area( for going in the pond on your 2nd or higher shot) is on the other side of the pond.                         






Closing Day

The club will make efforts to set up meal for all members in attendance on that day (and that day only).