Whitby Marigold Golf Club

Affiliated with Sunnybrae Golf Club, Port Perry





1.0  Preamble


1.1  The Club was initially formed by six golfers who planned a golf trip to South Carolina. They shall be thereafter called the “Founding Members”


Founding Members:


H. Darling, J. Geddes, D.Lee, R. McNeill, S. Orland and K. Purkis


2.0  Club Objectives


2.1  The Club is dedicated to the preservation of the rules of golf as set down by the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews, the PGA and RCGA. Inherent with this is the maintenance of the existing high standards of golf, sportsmanship and etiquette.


2.2  The Clubs purpose shall be mainly recreational with the addition of friendly, although serious competition.


2.3  The Club shall be non-profit.  Any money gathered throughout the year, including Club fees (less expenses) shall be disbursed as prizes etc, as the Governing Body sees fit.  A modest amount to keep the bank account open shall be set aside.


2.4  The Club (motto is specified) values are epitomized by 3 simple rules:


A)    Play the ball as it lies.

B)     Play the course as you find it.

C)    Play fair.


3.0  Membership


3.1  Club membership shall be open to any male on sponsorship from two existing members.


3.2  Members must be of good standing and dedicated to the ideals espoused in 2.0 Club Objectives.


Good standing means having participated in a minimum of 5 club events in the previous season, subject to review by the elected Governing Body.


3.3  Membership application, either verbal or written shall be reviewed by the Governing Body.


3.4  The sponsors of an applicant shall be entitled to an explanation should an application be refused.


3.5  Membership be limited to the following until further notice


                        Members            36


3.6  Honourary Life Members (non-dues paying)


Members who are in good standing when they have relocated outside a reasonable travel distance for regular attendance, they may participate in competitive Club events provided an official accredited handicap is presented prior to the competition.


Honourary Members:  H. Darling, S. Orland.


4.0  Governing Body


4.1  Committee


4.1.1        The Committee shall consist of:


A)    (President) Captain

B)     (Vice President) Vice Captain

C)    Treasurer

D)    Secretary

E)     Entertainment Director

F)     Handicap Captain

G)    Tournament  Director


4.1.2        The Committee shall be elected yearly at the AGM.


4.1.3        A Committee member will only be required to serve a term of one year, although there is nothing to stop him from seeking further re-elections if he wishes.  A member accepting the role Vice Captain will under normal circumstances be expected to succeed to the position of Captain


4.2  Tournament Committee


4.2.1        This Committee shall be selected by the Tournament Director. Ideally the Handicap Captain should be included in the Tournament Committee.


4.2.2        The duties of the Tournament Committee shall consist of the following:


A)    Arranging all Tee Off Times

B)     Picking venues

C)    Arranging all Tournaments

D)    Scoring and Selection of Winners

E)     Selection of Prizes

F)     Tournament Rules and Disciplines.


5.0  General Club Rules


5.1  Dues


Membership fees are decided at the AGM and are due to be paid on or before the 1st April of each year.  Any member failing to pay his fee by the due date shall have been deemed to have resigned from the club and must re-apply for membership with the appropriate sponsorship, the same as a new member.


5.2  Tournament Playing Rules


5.2.1        Local rules shall apply where defined by the course management. Exceptions to these rules shall be defined by the Tournament Director.  Exceptions to the local rules as defined by the Tournament Director shall be explained to the membership prior to play.


5.2.2        The rules of golf shall be followed where possible.  When in doubt the other members of the group shall decide.  When a stalemate is reached, benefit of the doubt is to be given to the player (remember the Club purpose is mainly recreational).


5.2.3        Keep discussions etc, to a minimum and do not hold up other players on the course.


5.2.4        Take the game seriously, play fair, but most of all, enjoy your golf.


5.3  Handicaps


5.3.1        It is the duty of every Club member to get all his score cards to Handicap Captain, regardless of where he plays his games.  Members who choose to ignore this requirement may have their handicaps adjusted accordingly by the Handicap Captain.


5.3.2        The card should be accredited if possible. The decision to accept a non-accredited score card shall be left to the discretion of the Handicap Captain.


5.3.3        New members without a recognized handicap shall be assessed by the Tournament Committee and the Handicap Captain.  A temporary handicap will be awarded until enough score cards have been submitted to be given an official handicap, (Failure to have a minimum of 10 score cards submitted prior to a competition shall eliminate the member from Net prize).  The gross prize and all other prizes non-handicap related shall be within eligibility.  


5.4  Discipline


It is the intention of the Governing Body to govern with a very light rein, however, no doubt problems shall come up occasionally and this section is designed to lay out ground rules.


5.4.1        Minor Tournament indiscretions shall be handled by the Tournament Committee and shall consist of no more than contest disqualification (elimination).


5.4.2        Major indiscretions at any time shall be handled by the Governing Body and could result in anything up to and including expulsion from the Club.


5.4.3        Members expelled from the Club shall be entitled to all monies he has personally saved in the Club banking account.  Forfeiting of all or part of his membership fee will be at the discretion of the Governing Body (his membership fee could be forfeited and all other monies gathered by the Club to be dispersed on tournaments could also be forfeited).




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