Whitby Marigold Golf Club

Affiliated with Sunnybrae Golf Club, Port Perry

Competition Winners


   Best 18 of 36    Erle Sexsmith (net 56)

   2 man Better Ball   Gordon and Andy (net 71)

   World v Scots.  World wins 7 1/2 points to 5 1/2 points.

   Fed Up Cup.   1st place Stewart Lawrence, 2nd Phil Moynagh, and 3rd Andy Yule.

   Matchplay   Norm Sinclair


     Club Champion   Chris Bond

    Best 18 of 36   Allan and Phil Tied (net 59)

    Matchplay   Andy Yule

   Fed Up Cup   1st  Phil Moygnah   2nd Jack Blellock   3rd  Chris Devine


  Best 18 of 36     Gord McKinlay (net 58)

   Club Champion  Andy Yule

   Matchplay   Phil Moygnahan

   Fed Up Cup      1st  Jack McAllister  2nd  Stewart Lawrence  3rd  Gord McKinlay


  Best 18 of 36     Stewart Lawrence (Again)

  Club Champion    Norm Sinclair

  Matchplay           Gord McKinlay

  Fed Up Cup     1st  Jack McAllister  2nd  Stewart Lawrence  3rd  Allan Hepburn


  Two man Best Ball was won by Mike Elliott and Jim Griffen.

  Club Champion    Chris Devine.

  Best 18 of 36   Chris Devine  with net 58

  Matchplay    Jack McAllister

  Fed Up Cup    1st  Jack Bellock, 2nd  Jim Griffen, 3rd  Jack McAllister .


 Best 18 of 36   Stewart Lawrence/Andy Yule

 Matchplay       Jack McAllister/Larry Verbass

 Club Champion   Erle Sexsmith

 Fed Up Cup Champion   Gord McKinlay, 2nd Erle Sexsmith, 3rd Jack McAllister.



 Best 18 of 36   Jim Griffen (net 52), Bill and Frank (net 62), Andy (net 63).

 Club Champion   Frank Calderone

 Fed Up Cup Champion   Bill Robertson, 2nd Jack Blellock, 3rd  Andy Yule.

 Matchplay  Allen Hepburn




 Best 18 of 36   Larry Verbaas

 Matchplay   Jack McAllister

 Club Champion  Jack McAllister

 Marigold Challenge  Larry Verbass

 Fed Up Cup    1. Jack McAllister  2. Jack Blellock  3. Andy Yule



Best 18 of 36   Chris Devine

Club Champion  Mike Elliott

Matchplay    Andy Yule

Fed Up Cup Winners  1st  Jack McAllister, 2nd  Allan Hepburn,  3rd  Andy Yule.

Marigold Challenge   Chris Devine and Jack Blellock.




Best 18 of 36     Erle Sexsmith

Club Champion   Gord McKinlay

Matchplay    Jim Griffen

Fed Up Cup Winners    1st   Allan Hepburn      2nd  Jack McAllister      3rd      Larry Verbass

Marigold Challenge       Andy Yule